Marion Springer Inspiration Award


The PRA is needing submissions for the Marion Springer Inspiration Award for the convention this month. Please send your nomination via RWF. The board will select the winner and the presentation will be made at the PRA convention. We are looking for a person that has been involved with the PRA and inspired manufacturers, owners, and pilots to fly gyroplanes. Last year's winner was Robert Rymer.
Kevin O


FAA DAR Gyropilot
I'd like to submit a local pilot, George Smundin, George bought a 2 place gyro a year ago and has been giving rides ever since. He has always been very active in our chapter and volunteered at many, many PRA Conventions. I believe he started flying a VW Bensen in the early eighties and now has an MTO Sport. George was also a partner with me when we owned and ran SnoBird Aircraft in the nineties. George and his late wife, Joann (sp), in George's SnoBird Adventurer1111111 Geo-joann.jpg
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