March 3 2012 Meeting at RMG!!


Aluminum Supporter
We have our fingers crossed for this coming Saturday. The forecast today looks like temperatures in the 60's, but possible rain.

The meeting will be at the EAA meeting room on the East side of Richard B. Russel Airport (RMG), as usual, rain or shine. We will arrive around 8:30 AM and break for lunch at around 11:30 and go into Rome somewhere.

If we get a weather break, there will be some flying, else we'll talk about Bensen Days trips and arrangements for later in the month.


Parsons 2 (AirHog)
I'll be there, can't wait, I need the break from this shop!

I have never seen so many new trannys go down with such low miles. it should be a law against such weak made parts.
Strange how they have lots of new parts made better for replacements. Thats OK it pays the bills.

I'll be there if the creek don't rise.


Aluminum Supporter
Weather still looks like a potential problem for flying, but many of us will still be there for the gyro lore. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood!