Many players gather in this region to market


Dec 27, 2018
Years ago, MapleStory was among those doorsteps that attracted Nexon into the marketplace in Asia. The cellular version of MapleStory 2 Mesos is expected to replicate history and bring fantastic sales to Korean game companies.

Something unusual for almost all of our players, but no less popular in the entire world and at home. But the match is a MMORPG. Anime tadpoles crumble hordes of creatures, unite in clans and find out which of the 40 classes is still better. Regardless of all of the inconsistency of what's going on for the eyes of an uninitiated person, the sport was popular for several decades. And this is all about something it says.

MapleStory's trading process is completely changing and will no longer be in the Free Market.The ending of a century is approaching. When a decision is designed for MapleStory, the process of shutting Market areas has begun. As a matter of fact, this conclusion was initially announced in November 2017, but the actions taken were not understood until the week we passed.

For we must describe it. These are areas where players may trade in the MMORPG game MapleStory Official Site and exchange them. Many players gather in this region to market their goods and either build a bench or write what they sell and what they buy. Even so, the Free Market MMORPG hosted one of the very full and places of their family.

Nexon, who wanted to close these open areas of the Free Market, lately added the Auction House attribute to the match and now players may trade more controlled.

These include the popular MMORPG MapleStory 2.