Main Gear alignment adjustment?

Brian Jackson

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Greetings Beekeepers.

This weekend while waiting to have my wife's car wheels aligned I used the opportunity to think about how the same might be done on a gyro. Are there any provisions or techniques for fine-tuning wheel parallelism besides tweaking the drag strut eye-to-eye length? I can envision several small fabrication tolerance errors accumulating to throw a wheel out of track a degree or so, careful as the average builder might be.


RAF, turbo subaru 230hp
Its no big deal brian,once the gear is built and installed there usually is no further adjustments needed with regards to track,If you land
the RAF hard several times the camber gets a out of adjustment the problem is the axle diameter, standard is 5/8" and it bends with hard landings

the fix is to go to a 3/4" axle it helps with the problem.the real solution is don't land hard.

Doug Riley

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Brian: You could clamp some long pieces of rigid metal angle to the wheels, having these lengths stick out equally both fore and aft. Take some measurements of the distances between the front and rear tips of these angles to check the toe. Measure and compare the distances from each angle tip to the keel or tail tube, to make sure the wheels don't both point off to one side. Adjust the rod ends, but leave plenty of thread inside the barrels! Shim if the rod end adjustment isn't enough.

Be happy that your 'Bee has rod-end adjustments. On a Dominator, you take the same measurements and then "adjust" the stub axles with an acetylene torch.