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Jan 14, 2020
Kerrville, Texas
Aviomania G1sB Genesis: Trained in: MTO 2017/Magni M-16/Tango-2
I went out in my Aviomania today and had a nice flight. Had wanted to practice landings but winds kicked up some and became shifty so I landed and put my machine away. Before I could get it in the hangar more Gyros started landing. Three in all, first a couple in a red M-16 plus, then Dayton's Mom and Dad in an M-16, then Chris Koob with a student in an M-24. Got back to the hangar and finished putting my machine away and then went to the Animal Shelter to help my wife do some environmental socialization with a batch of new puppies. Then I got a reply to my post about today from Dayton, he had also arrived in Kerrville. Five Gyro's at KERV!

How cool is that!

Magni's galore
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Magni's galore