Mac ignition.


I have been trying to get My Bensen B8M running.It has the 4318 McCulloch motor with the magneto. The motor has not been run in quite some time. I checked for spark but it appears to have none so, I tried cleaning the points. What would be the next thing I should check? Or, Does anyone Know of a good source for a CDI ignition upgrade for this motor? Any information would be greatly appreciated. thank's: Justin


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Check with Rick Whittridge for an electronic module to replace your points. Assuming that the magnet is OK and still producing a magnetic field, Rick's module should get you going and troublefree.


Dave Bacon
Rick is no longer making the conversion, when you pull the prop through the mag should make a loud clicking sound, if not it will not spark. try tapping the mag with a hammer, it should loosen the magnets and spark.


Thank's Dave. The mag is making a loud clicking sound when I pull it through But I still have no spark. I wonder if there may be corrosion in it from setting so long.


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I thought if a hammer doesn't fix it, it must be electrical but evidently they work on electrical things too.


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Justin, how did you go about cleaning the points? I assume that you also checked to make sure that they were gapped correctly, and that when you cleaned the points, you used something like a points file or emery cloth that would remove rust. I was told years ago that using a dollar bill between the points was a good way to clean them (open the points, slide the bill between, close the points, and pull the bill out.
The thought was that bills don't leave lint, and adsorb any oil, and dragging the bill out will remove dust. One time a friend had a motorcycle that he couldn"t get spark on, and we tried the dollar trick, and still no luck. He sprayed the open points with a solvent (electrical cleaner, or starting fluid, etc.), and while they still had the solvent on them he blew them out with compressed air. Surprise, surprise, he had spark!


Thank's Farmboy. I used very wore out 400 grit paper. Then I pulled a business card through to remove any debris . I will try the cleaner and compressed air. Thank You.