Lw-3 and Beyond

Sep 9, 2019
Marion, VA
My father Fred Perdue had built a Lw-3 using plans and added his own touch which he flew for several years. There are two video's on youtube located here:

The orginal Lw-3 started out with a rotax 503

He enjoyed flying it very much but he wanted to build his next design and needed the money to do so, and sold it for about 20k.

His next design is below, he did a few test flights on the aircraft before he past away and I am now hoping to fly it myself. The last change he did before passing was to move the engine 3" foward and he past away while he was waiting for the new plates to be delivered from the machine shop. I took the gryo to Barry Days in Wadesboro, NC a few months ago and got help remounting the engine and designing a new muffler support bracket.

This aicraft has a Rotax 582 and 23" pheonix rotor blades. I would very much like to try to fly it this fall but due to financial concerns in paying for some flight training for myself it probibily wont' happen until next year.