LSA max weight to be increased to 3600 pounds in 2019


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This is big news:

A high-ranking FAA source has confirmed that the FAA plans to almost triple the maximum weight for most light sport aircraft to 3600 pounds in rulemaking that will be introduced in January. <more>
I'm unsure if this will include gyroplanes.



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I think it was supposed to be 1650 lbs, but someone thought it was 1650 kg....and botched it ....we will see. gyroplanes are always excluded. :tape:


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I'll bet it was meant to be 1650 pounds to match Europe 750kg. See this link from July 24th. Someone forgot to watch their units of measure LOL.


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Nothing is going to happen in Jan 2019. It will take a lot longer and its not as straight forward as simply weight increased to 3600 lbs gross


I think you guys are exactly right; someone did 750 * 2.2 * 2.2 = 3630. Whoopsie! But with a two-seat maximum nobody will make an aircraft that heavy anyway.

Of course gyroplanes don't need to be LSA; it just so happens that all are well below the 120 knot max speed, all are well below the max weight, and nearly all have only two seats. Actually I would be very interested in a four-seat gyro if one were developed.


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I wonder if Cessna et al didn't have an influence in the weigh increase, to slow down LSA market share growth.

Actually I would be very interested in a four-seat gyro if one were developed.
Once their M2 is in production this year, Sport Copter will next complete the design of their SC4.


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It won't be a straight 3600 lbs. weight limit, but it will be a formula of some kind that takes other factors into consideration. It also may allow an inflight adjustable prop, but not with a prop lever, but more like a follower plate such as the Cirrus uses.
Some think that the weight limit increase will be damaging to existing LSA manufactures, but I don't think it will. One of the main advantages to the lower weight aircraft is the Rotax engine, which is most beneficial at these lower weights.


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Dan johnson who has been working with the FAA for the past 4 years called his contact when the EAA published the good news.
It will most likely include gyroplanes.
The bad news is Dan published his FAA contact statement to him and it may be a 3 or 4 year process so not as opmistic as the EAA report lead us to belive.


There is no news; you're mistaken. A four-seater certificated Cessna 172's MTOW is less than 2500 lbs. The six-seater 180-knot Bonanza's MTOW is about 3600 lbs. There is literally no possibility whatsoever that the max weight of LSAs, which are two seats and whose key word is *light*, would be as much as a Bonanza. If you want a 3600-lb aircraft you just have to fly something that isn't an LSA.