Looking for instruction in Western Washington or close


Mar 8, 2019

I have never flown before, but always wanted to. Now, an 80% Bensen has fallen into my lap. Also, I'm looking at an already complete and flying ultralight Lightning.

Is there anywhere in Western Washington, or close, to get instruction. I will probably stick with ultralights, but am not opposed to getting my sport license.



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Patrick: Only ones reasonably close to you are:

Cammie is highly recommended since she has a flight school that already had airplane & helicopter instructors before she added gyroplane instruction. Based in Boise, ID area. She will not train occasional students. You want to learn to fly, then you go from start-to-finish, all the way to your rating, the way the military does it. Best for learning, she states. I've met her @ her hangar-home on their private airstrip some 20 miles east of Boise, and came away impressed. She teaches in Autogyro of Germany's Calidus & Cavalon gyros.

Southern Oregon:
Wolf runs his Captain Drake's flying school @ the Cave Junction, OR airport. He comes highly recommended by his students. He teaches in a Magni gyroplane. If you train with him at his facility, from start-to-finish, he will allow you to stay for FREE in one of the bedrooms @ his lodge that he built himself. Otherwise, occasional training w/ him allows you to stay @ his lodge if you'd like, but you'll pay the standard B&B rate for your room. Wolf recommends a student get his fixed-wing rating first, & then add-on the gyroplane rating for economy in instruction. He is equipped to do both @ his facility, sending the student to a gyro CFI in California for the practical test.

Meals can be shared there, also, greatly reducing your food expenses to cost-sharing the meal components. He also has electrical hookups along his hangar for those preferring to utilize an RV of their own, if desired. Showers are available on the airport @ the smoke jumping facility close to his hangar.

Sport Copter, in Scappoose, OR, is not training students currently.

There are many gyroplane CFIs in the Portland & Seattle regions, but none have their own two-place gyros to train in. There used to be one in the Seattle area many years back, an RAF, that wasn't owned by the instructor. It was involved in a grass strip accident involving avoiding an airplane that attempted to land after the gyro took off. No contact w/ the airplane occured, but the rotorblades hit the ground as the pilot was trying to prevent colliding w/ the airplane's incursion.

That abrupt lack of a training machine seems to have been the reason the PRA chapter in the Seattle region has gone in-active.

Cammie, as a dealer for Autogyro of Germany, has sold some gyroplanes into the Seattle area. One of which was to a flight club. I do not know which one, other than she indicated it is not the Boeing FC.


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I'm also looking for Gyro opportunities in Western Washington. Following this thread.