Look What I Just Bought. I'm Happy


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I just bought a Yamaha RX-1, Yes! I been looking for one for a long time, I wanted cheap lowest mileage posible.
with lot's of negotiation I was able to get this machine for cheap how cheap well very cheap.
Engine sounds great, right in front of customer I connected a vacuum gauge and tested engine then did a compression test.
Tested cooling system with pressure pump all past test. engine has a valve that leaks a bit I had a small pulse in my needle
on vacuume test but other then that engine is great. has new oil and new plugs so it was taken care of.

now the body track not the best suspension needs work seat rip a bit and clutch is noisy and a few other problems I found and some he told me I used all that to lower
the price even more, and what a low price I got it for 775$ US I won't get a 2nd one for that price.

I'm Happy. but very tired this was 7 hours of driving and most of it was in heavy Montreal traffic with a 5 speed car fun fun fun.

Here a video I made for you all.

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Ya I will make a topic dedicated to it.

What section should I make topic?

I have a want and need to take engine apart and rebuild it. bearings rings honne cylinders and all new gaskets is it worth it?

C. Beaty

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Yamaha RX-1? My first thought was; “What in the World is that?” Then I looked it up and found that it’s a snowmobile. We don’t see too many of those in Florida.


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LOL Here In Canada it's common but I should have paid 3000$ for it but I got a great deal.
That's why in the video I made sure to show the brand and model.

Engine sounds great apart from clutch noise and exhaust leak. but it's a easy fix.


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There is no snow in Canada now but I took my RX1 for a ride today, I had to take it off the trailer and park it in the back of the house,
I would say it has same power has my Polaris Turbo and it does not need boost, very nice really the throttle response is direct and aggressive
fells like a big block V8 engine.

Engine fells solid and strong it will make me a nice engine.