Like-New Sport Copter Vortex Available For Sale $17.5K


Jun 7, 2010
panama city fla.
FIB trike/sport copter
Total Flight Time
60 hours in trike/20 hours in gyros
(I'm posting this for another gyroplane owner & am not being compensated in any way for doing so. Please do not contact me for more information, but call the owner).

Note: This gyro does have an A/W & N#: 547PS, that has expired & was cancelled by the FAA after the owner didn't respond to the renewal notice. See post @ bottom of thread for further info.

Sport Copter Vortex

* Assembled, then taxied. Owner says he flew a few runway crow-hops.
* Sport Copter fairing for wind protection. Can be removed easily for open cockpit flying if desired.
* 25' White McCutchen Skywheels rotors.
* Grey-head Rotax 582 64-65 HP (Not run in five years. Highly advised to replace Rotax seals & gaskets).
* Rotax C gearbox (GB ratio unknown, but ask owner to be sure).
* 10 hours of mostly taxi time & a few crow hops. About 20 hours on Hobbs, because someone turned on the ignition key when it was stored & meter clicked away until the gyro's battery died.
* Original 68" Sport Prop w/ blade covers (hollow carbon fiber blades from Czech Republic).
* Castering nose wheel
* Disc brakes, individually controlled.
* Folding mast enables rolling under standard 7' garage door.
* Gyroplane in mint condition, other than engine seals/gaskets to be refreshed.
* No trailer.
* Owner realizes his health prevents him from being able to fly again.
* $17.5K
* Contact Phil Stevens 360-477-1840 Brinnon, Wa. (West side of Puget Sound on the Olympic Peninsula).
* More photos in Post #2.
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