In Louisiana to get the proper license to fly a gyrocopter, is there a minimum to the age you have to be in order to receive training? If so what is the minimum?
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Sec. 61.83 Eligibility requirements for student pilots.

To be eligible for a student pilot certificate, an applicant must:

(a) Be at least 16 years of age for other than the operation of a
glider or balloon.
(b) Be at least 14 years of age for the operation of a glider or
(c) Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English
language. If the applicant is unable to meet one of these requirements
due to medical reasons, then the Administrator may place such operating
limitations on that applicant's pilot certificate as are necessary for
the safe operation of the aircraft.


While you have to be 16 by the regulation to hold a student pilot certificate, or to fly solo, you can take training if you are old enough to drink from a glass by yourself, and are big enough to reach the pedals. The fact that you are in Louisiana has nothing to do with it -- it's Federal law.

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Almost 14

Welcome here. Read all you can here and have your dad do the same. A lot of what you will run into is like a transcript for a dysfunctional family at Christmas dinner (squabbling personality defects ego etc), but there is a lot of really good solid info here also.

Make sure you and your dad get good training from a CFI rated for gyros. It will save your life.

I wish my son and I had gyros when he was 14. Its a perfect father son activity and interest (we had other things but gyros are the coolest). :whoo:



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Welcome to the forum. I hope you do something with your interest. I should have when I was your age. Now I'm old but living my dream. Good Luck. By the way we use our given name at the bottom of our post so please post yours.