License requirement to fly a Coaxial Helicopter


Scott Waggoner
If it isn’t ultralight, then it would require a Private Pilot. Sport Pilot does not cover Helicopters.

Not sure about the category question. But I think it would be EAB.

Capt'n Gator

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Do helicopters have an EAB category? What about training, can a helicopter CFI give you instruction in a coaxial? Why can't coaxial fall into lightsport with a Sport Pilot license?, they are less complicated than a helicopter..... After all, that is why gyroplanes don't fall in under the helicopter rating. I think you are just guessing Scott????


Gyroplane CFI
FAA: Helicopter means a rotorcraft that, for its horizontal motion, depends principally on its engine driven rotors.

For a coaxial helicopter the category is Rotorcraft and the class is Helicopter.

Your certificate would read; Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot, Rotorcraft-Helicopter

Any Rotorcraft- Helicopter CFI could legally give flight instruction in a coaxial helicopter. That does not mean they would.

Having an unpowered rotor is part of the light sport aircraft requirements.

There are many experimental, amateur built helicopters.


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Gonna be fun finding someone to do the maintenance on that thing. I have a hard enough time getting rotary service for my RX-7! ;)


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My point was that the more complex and unusual the design, the harder it will be to find a maintainer, without implicating the motor per se.