Lessons or ride along located in Oregon?


Well, Im looking to begin my gyro journey in earnest now. Does anyone know of any owners/instuctors located in Oregon that would be willing to do an informal introduction type lesson or a ride along flight?



j bird

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Lee, The Illinois Valley where Wolf gives instruction, is the perfect place to receive training, the valley floor runs around 1500 ft, and, approximately 10 by 15 miles long. 3S4, Illinois Valley Airort's asphalt runway is 4800 ft. long and in good shape, very little traffic.
Wolf is a very personable person and IMHO you'ed have an awesome introduction flight.

j bird

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Lee, the Illinois Valley is in southwest Oregon, 30 miles southwest of Grants Pass, via hwy 199. The town of Cave Junction is 4 miles from the airport.