Law Enforcement Gyroplane

I don't come to this site much anymore after much of the hate that was being spewed. However, I thought it worthy of a reattempt as we market our gyroplane grant to the public safety world.

This article is not 100% accurate. We are offering the gyro with pilot to an agency that would like to start a program. The gyro is free to the agency on a 1 year lease. We will provide fuel, insurance, maintenance and the pilot.

The unit has a FLIR high def camera and infrared camera as well with computerized target tracking and recording as well as 2 police radios, ads b in and out, a search light an a myraid of other features.

The only catch is it is a package deal in that I need a job. Our non-profit 501-C3 has raised enough money to make this work for up to 3 years.

If you are involved in a law enforcement agency and would like to share the pitch please fee free and contact me directly with any questions.



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Here is the article: