Latest Hornet plans and specs?


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I don’t see not much on the Hornet front recently. Hope they all got going. It was a fun project for a long time pilot who was dangerous with a screwdriver in his hand and his son who had a badge and a gun. We had a great time and my son got the bug for tinkering with things aviational. I loved flying it and it flew well, although the 10 Gall tank with the 503 in the Florida summer was a tad optimistic.

He was a HCSO Deputy Sheriff wanted to join the FBI but eventually, under pressure from his wife, traded his badge and gun for a set!!! of spanners (about 4 Grands worth). Left Law Enforcement much to the families relief, great and neccessary job, but a little nerve racking for the rest of us, became an A&P student and then made me immensely proud by being 1 of the first 2 students to be hired on by Delta as a Tech II straight from School, the National Aviation Academy in Clearwater. The gyro never sold in one piece and eventualy was parted out and the money went into school fees.

His class of about 35 had one other ‘senior’ 40+ student who had been a A6 Intruder RIO. He and Stu became study mates, team leaders, and, fierce competitors. Their grade point averages were in the high 90’s, both got an equal number of their teams through the A+P, both then went on to do their radio licenses then because they were neck and neck, then went on to do the Delta exams even though they knew Delta only took people with minimum 2 years experience on heavy equipment, because they still hadn’t settled on who was top dog. My son has admitted to me that he felt his buddy was the better of the two but didn’t like to make it too easy on him. The careers lady at National, God bless that female pit-bull, wouldn’t let the Delta team at Tampa go until they had a look, interviewed, and then incredibly hired them both. He still says he gets odd looks when he is asked where he was before and replies “school".

He is a little critical of what we built... now he tells me... it wasn’t his ass in the air waving happily at the world. And although I have muttered about perhaps squeezing something with a set of rotors into his double garage, I don’t think with my two granddaughters bikes etc that is going to wash. Sorry Jake, +, I’ve had a hiccup or two myself.

I take my hat off to Dennis who I think probably has the best iteration of this gyro, now there was a real jewel. I can say though that having flown a couple of Bensen’s a Cricket, a Merlin, an LA-8 and the Hornet, for joy in handling, and stability, it came second only to the Bensen B-8 my very good friend and Gyro Instructor Tony Melody let me share. And those two are not synonymous. Tony’s Bensen is the most nimble aircraft I have ever flown, but if I ever took my hands off the stick I feel it would bite me in a heartbeat, which is not what I felt about any of the other, but why I loved it the most.

Enough rambling, good luck with your Hornets Horneteers, its a great little Gyro and well worth the effort.