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FAA DAR Gyropilot
Mar 18, 2004
Lansing, Illinois (Chicago South Suburb)
(2) Air Commands, (1) Barnett, (1) Parsons modified 2 place, (1) Beechcraft Sundowner
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kolibri282;n1122469 said:
Another very nice high resolution picture. Not Little Nelly but very similar.

By the way Stuart, I understand Chuck to the effect that Bensen, who was a pro, designed his gyrocopter to be CLT and that all the modifications, e.g. by Ken Brock, ultimately led to the now well known problems and tragic events.
When I worked for the FAA in Oklahoma City 30 years ago, I went through EVERY gyro accident report in their library and copied them all down. Bensen style gyros were porpoising out of the sky mostly without Brock mods. Brock mods improved the VCG by moving the fuel and it's container up. Brock's joystick was a vast improvement (for beginners) over the simpler "pump handle". It's not fair to disparage the deceased.


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Aug 2, 2009
It's not fair to disparage the deceased
This can never be the intent of a technical discussion, Tom. If someone made whatever mistake in a design, this has to be stated clearly so that others will not get hurt making the same mistake and to make that very clear I can not judge whether or not Brock's design had any flaws. As I said in my post I just understood Chucks comment to that effect.
It would also be quite interesting to know how many of the aircraft involved in accidents were unmodified Bensens and how many of them had any significant modification, like the larger propellers which Chuck has mentioned.
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