June's Big Event "Rotors Over the Rockies"


Dear Friends & Rotary Winged Enthusiasts,

I got our June Newsletter sent off in the mail today, so you should be getting them soon. I apologize for any and all mistakes made with this newsletter and or it's mailing. I am still doing all of this by hand, so the opportunity for mistakes abound, but hopefully I got at least most of it right this time. If you are getting these e-mails but are not getting our newsletters please send me an e-mail with your correct mailing address and I will try to get that corrected for future mailings.

In this months newsletter I wanted to make a Directory so that you can all start communicating with one another more easily and we can all be a big support group to one another. This directory took up most of the space in the newsletter but I think it will be worth it. ( I think you will be amazed at how big it's grown) Hopefully you can hang on to this edition or put it with your phone book so you will be able to find it when ever you want to get a hold of someone else to help you with your dream of flight. I also stuffed a few additional pages in the newsletter. One is a flyer announcing our "Rotors Over the Rockies" event coming up in a couple of weeks. I hope everyone on this list will be able to make it for at least some of the event. I'd really like to see you all make if for the full 3 days, but I am enough of a realist to understand not everyone is as excited about this as I am. Anyway, I will be out there and hope to see all of you out there too. Please take some time out to find me and visit for a while so I can get to know all of you better. I will not be hard to find as I will be in the BIG White Canvas Tent. Also in this newsletter is a 4 page release letter they the airport owner has asked everyone to sign, in order to attend this event. So even if you are not flying they want you to sign a release letter before attending the event. We will be collecting these at the gate and will have more copies available at the gate if you need more but if you bring one already filled out it will make the process quicker and easier at the gate. There will be No entrance fee to attend our event so come and join us.

We are going to have a good variety of Rotorcraft (Gyroplanes and Helicopters) on display and flying at the event and Forums that you can attend to learn more on subjects like:

Emergency Procedures (from our Safety Coordinator) - Curt Pittman

Homebuilding Tips (from the Builder of the most beautiful Sparrow Hawk I have ever seen) Brian Bird

What makes a Gyroplane Stable and How to test it. (From our CFI Extraordinaire) Mike Burton

Can you really have an Ultralight Gyro? (by Yours Truly) me

Blade Balancing for Helicopter Rotors (from the Editor of Experimental Helo) Stu Fields

We are also organizing a group flight up to the Ogden Airport for lunch at their famous restaurant.

We will have Gyroplane and Helicopter Videos playing throughout the event, and a very relaxed and low key atmosphere so come and enjoy the early days of Summer with us. By the way this is also Father's Day Weekend and I can't think of a way I would rather celebrate Father's Day Weekend that by hanging around Rotary Winged Aircraft.

See you all there!

Doug Barker

Utah Rotorcraft Association


John Stahl

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Fyi I just found out there will be 4 to 5 people comming down from Missoula.
I am looking forward to it.
is there a schedule of when the talks will occur?

is there a schedule of when the talks will occur?

Doug is there a schedule days and times of when the forums will occur?


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I just spoke with Doug at work. Not yet, but Friday afternoon looks to be prime time. We'll get a schedule posted ASAP.

That would be terrific if you could make it!
Dear Rotary Winged Enthusiasts,

Following is the schedule of Events for our 2009 Event.

Hope to see you all there!!!!

Doug Barker

Utah Rotorcraft Assoc,

Rotors Over the Rockies

Forums & Activity Schedule


Flying Time Anyone

10 AM Curt Pittman Flight Briefing & Emergency Procedures

11 AM Mike Burton Group Flight to Ogden Airport for Lunch

Flying Time Anyone


Flying Time Anyone

10 AM Curt Pittman Flight Briefing & Emergency Procedures

11 AM Stu Fields Rotor Balancing

1 PM Brian Bird Home Building Tips

2 PM Mike Burton Gyroplane Stability & How to Test for it

3 PM Doug Barker Ultralight Gyroplanes

4 PM Stu Fields Oxidation

Flying Time Anyone


Flying Time Anyone

10 AM Curt Pittman Flight Briefing & Emergency Procedures

11 AM Stu Fields Oxidation

1 PM Doug Barker Ultralight Gyroplanes

2 PM Brian Bird Home Building Tips

3 PM Stu Fields Rotor Balancing

4 PM Mike Burton Gyroplane Stability & How to Test for it

Flying Time Anyone

Note: All Forums and Activities are optional and Flying can take place anytime you want.

This is a casual have fun type of activity as long as you fly safely.