June 2, 2012 Meeting at Rome, GA -- WITH BREAKFAST!


Aluminum Supporter
This meeting (Saturday, June 2, 2012) marks the first cooperative meeting between Peach State Rotorcraft Club and EAA Chapter 709. One of the most noteworthy benefits is the availability of a pretty good breakfast ($5.00 donation). We look forward to may good things from this cooperative effort.

Weather looks good so far and there are several gyros that have become airborne in the past several weeks that should be making an appearance at this event. We should also get a peek at BillyGyro's "Air Hog" up close and in person.

Plan to be there if you can. We get started around 8:30AM at KRMG and will continue until around lunchtime, when we will carpool into town for a brief meeting and some eats. Directions are here:



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Man, talk about PERFECT weather! It was only 58 when I got up this morning, and the skies were crystal blue. And this is JUNE in Georgia! Boo hoo, nothing to fly though, but the meeting was still worth the hour+ drive to see everyone again. When I told my wife and little girl they were invited to go along if they wanted, I barely got the words out of my mouth and they were in the Durango, waiting patiently for me. Guess they liked Rome last time I took them up there with me for a club meeting, eh?