July 6 2013 BBQ at the Cedartown Hangar!


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We are having a BBQ at the Cedartown Hangar (hanger H-5 at 4A4) in Cedartown, Georgia this coming Saturday (July 6). It is primarily a Chapter 56 gathering, but all are welcome. Guests are welcome. Even guests of guests are welcome. Fly-ins are welcome. Trailer-ins are welcome.

This is not our regularly schedule meeting (held at KRMG quarterly), but just something we decided to do because we can. We already seem to have a crowd coming, so include us in your plans if you happen to be nearby. We will start arriving around 8:00AM EDT and plan to eat around 1:pM. No telling when we'll close up.

A MAP and directions are at http://www.peachstaterotorcraft.org/about.shtml#Cedartown


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I have to be in north Carolina on Friday, I may be late getting there if at all. We will leave from there as early as possible, BUT I may not be able to bring home cooked something, I detest store bought slaw, potato salad and the such . Give me a hint as to what you will need for a successful cook out so that we can bring it.


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Kosher hotdogs have been replaced with lean meat Oscar Myer, they were on sale and I had a coupon.

Contest for biggest explosive lit fart is still on.

It is the Fourth of July celebration. after all.


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It rained, it poured and rained some more.....

...but we still had an AWSOME BBQ this past Saturday at the Cedartown hangar!

Great food, great folks....it is a good thing we have lots of chairs and room in the hangar, because outside was no fun at all.

If you were there, you know....if you missed it...well...you really missed it.