Instrument Options for small gyro

Make sure that you get the right one. (2cyl 2 stroke are lots cheaper)

Sold! Wow, that's nice. Idiot question though to the more learned here: Are there any concerns or hazards with mounting EIS next to throttle quadrant (on side of seat) rather than in the instrument panel? Hoping to keep the panel to just the 3 basic ALT/ASI/RRPM if possible. Plus it's a shorter, cleaner wire run from the EIS to the engine from side-seat. But I won't know if that's good practice unless I ask the question. So there it is.
Jake used to mount the eis next the the throttle quadrant. as long as you can see it from the seat.
I'd favor mounting it in/near your field of vision (which should be directed OUTWARD, not downward!).

A good in-flight instrument scan is a matter of flicking your eyes to the instruments for only a fraction of a sec, then back to your outward scan. In effect, you "read" the instrument AFTER you've returned your gaze to the view ahead. That's one reason that analogue guages are nice; you can take in the view of the needle's position without actually pausing to parse out numerals.

Looking down at your throttle hand amounts to a large diversion of your gaze. It might even be a little disorienting. I can't think of a time when I've EVER looked down at my throttle hand!

(Well, there was a the time I accidentally hit the kill switch and looked down to turn it back on before the engine stopped spooling down. But that's a different story...)
Agreed. Will be part of instrument panel for the reasons Doug mentioned. I sincerely appreciate the feedback from everyone, and glad to have asked the question. Have relied on the expertise here since this project began.