Improved RAF mast bushings for sale


RAF, turbo subaru 230hp
The current RAF mast bushing is really soft and it splits after a short time in service,I removed mine and measured the Shore hardness and
found it was only 53.0. I have made a replacement that has a steel bushing incorporated into the molding process and, this urethane bushing has a shore rating

of 70.0. Hopefully these changes will make the bushing perform better and last longer. I have been flying with the new bushing and appears to me

that the vibration level is quite a bit better. Anyway I have them for sale.

The price is $20.00 plus shipping.Contact me by the email listed below and include your shipping address. I will send you an email when it has been

shipped and will include the total price. Just send the check to the address below.

(email) [email protected]

Eddie Sigman
39 encantada rd
Polvadera,nm 87828

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RAF, turbo subaru 230hp
Robert I sent you a message here with my email address,
Yes I just made a new batch of bushings.


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Thanks Eddie, have to go out of town for awhile then when I get back will promptly send check.
Thanks again!


RAF, turbo subaru 230hp
Robert don't send money until you have the bushing,I need your shipping address first.


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Eddie had a fixed wing accident in February and did not survive.

I don't know what was done with the bushings.

Perhaps someone on the Rotary Wing Forum can help out.

Best of luck on your search.

I miss Eddie a lot.


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wweeks;n1144400 said:
Eddie I can really use a new mast bushing.. It's got me grounded
"02-14-2019, 06:17 AM
If anyone needs his bushings I will sale them until they are gone. Mil (at his e-mail addresss or [email protected])"

His wife, Mil, posted this on another thread re: his funeral arrangements, so it appears there are still some available.