I want one of these...


Oct 10, 2011
Surprise, AZ
still deciding on build project
It's still apparently in prototype mode with no production yet, but take a look.
Can you say compact, high torque, decent HP to weight ratio, 4 stroke, air cooled, minimal parts, and only 8 bolts?

You can see it running at the web site. Notice how it's mounted and how little vibration there appears to be.


yeah....I want one of these....some day.
Can you imagine the applications?
Like yourself, I also am wondering if this will be squelched by the establishment for the obvious reasons you mention.
It wouldn't suprise me, and I'm sure others, if the developer gets "bought out" and it all gets buried.
I know, cynical, but reality is what reality is.
I can see the crank spinning inside the rear hub, but how does it transfer the power to it?
outstanding enginuity!! how do they come up with this stuff. this is amazing.
If I understand your question, look at the animated view and take a look at the counter rotating pinions (one at the end of each counter rotating crankshaft; there are two connecting rods) and the ring gear they engage.