I think its cool even if no-one else does

Joe Pires

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We have been trying to make the club newletter available to as many people as we can for as low a cost as we can.

I have just come up with a pretty good way to handle those requests for folks who can not get it off the www.eaa1192.com web site.

My friend Eliot who I believe may be part computer rigged up my email to do the following.

If you send an email to [email protected] and the subject is gyro newsletter it will automatically send you the current version of the newsletter via return email.

Ok its pretty late in the game, I realize I will only be newsletter guy for a couple more newsletters but whoever takes over the job will have this available.

In (I hope) 10 days or so my hangar home construction starts. I will be acting as my own builder so my plate will be full. I firmly believe in do the best you can with what you committ too but don't over commit. So I am gonna need one of you guys to step up and make your contribution to the club starting in January.

Anyway try out the new delivery system.


J.R. Brown
Joe, when it comes to help, you know you can count on me! When you get the need to have someone stay in that new hangerbad,drink that nice coooollllddd hanger beer, and eat that great free hanger food, truse me I'll give you 100% and then some, you can count on that buddie-budie. Yes sir, Yes sir. Your most supportive gyro flying Friend!!!!!!



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Tell you what, Joe, you give us the word when your ready, and JR and I will fly up to be sure you don't have any extra food and beverage.



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Joe your doing a great job with the newsletter, don't let a few buttheads get you down. I hope you will be able to continue to do the newsletter more than just two more "issues"


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Not to worry JR, the comments on this thread aren't directed at you.

Pretty cool setup Joe, tell Eliot the club thanks him. I understand your point on commit, if you're spread too thin, you can't cover it all.