How to use the data base and how to contribute.


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Aug 2, 2009
This section of the rotary forum is devoted to collecting material that may be useful to those
interested in studying rotary wing aircraft. As the name of the section implies right now
mainly printed material is considered being one of:

- technical text book
- research report
- university master/phd thesis
- conference paper
- granted patent
- computer program
- historical drawing
- historical film/foto
(showing technical details)

(Table 1)

Important: The material must be released for public use and not be protected by copyright!
If you want to upload material to the forum that is under copyright please make sure that
you have written consent by the copyright holder to do so. Please also read the disclaimer
in the sticky Disclaimer thread!

This data base will only be useful if the material posted here comes with a minimum set of
information pertaining to an item. This set consists of:

- title
- author
- link

Please post each title to a separate thread, this will make it much easier in the long run
to generate lists sorted by keywords, authors or other criteria.

The title of the thread is usually just the title of the publication (see below). To complete
the required information put the name of the author and a link in the body of the message.

If the title of the publication describes the contens accurately you are done, just post the
thread. If you are not sure whether your title is sufficient or you want further information
on the rules of this section please follow the link below
PS: the link currently points to a non sticky post in this section. In time I will try to find a somewhat more elegant way, but it will do for now
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