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Aug 2, 2009
This section of the rotary forum is devoted to collecting material that may be useful to those
interested in studying rotary wing aircraft. As the name of the section implies right now
mainly printed material is considered being one of:

- technical text book
- research report
- university master/phd thesis
- conference paper
- granted patent
- historical drawing
- historical film/foto
(showing technical details)

(Table 1)

Important: The material must be released for public use and not be protected by copyright!

This data base will only be useful if the material posted here comes with a minimum set of
information pertaining to an item. These are:

- title
- author
- link

The title of the thread is usually just the title of the publication (see below). To complete
the required information put the name of the author and a link in the body of the message.

If the title of the publication describes the contens accurately you are done, just post the
thread. Please note that the title of a thread is limited to 85 characters. If the title is
too long try to abbreviate it and put the complete title in the body of the message.

As an example let us take this report:

report: naca-report-487
author: Wheatley, John B.
title: An Aerodynamic Analysis Of The Autogyro rotor With A Comparison Between
Calcualted And Experimental Results

The title of the thread could be something like:
Aerodynamic Analysis Of Autogyro Rotor, Comparison Calculation / Experiment

The body of the message would be:

report: naca-report-487
author: Wheatley, John B.
title: An Aerodynamic Analysis Of The Autogyro Rotor With A Comparison Between
Calcualted And Experimental Results

There are cases though where it is not clear what is actually covered in the publication, e.g.
- the title does not contain any hint about the contents
- the title is e.g. "The Helicopter", where it is not clear which topic is covered.
- the title is so long and involved that only an insignificant portion fits into the title line
- you post a film or foto.

In these cases please include some basic information in the title of the thread to increase the
chance of quickly finding the desired information. In table 2 (see attachment) I have tried to
compile a small list of keywords that could be used to describe the contents of a publication.
The coloured words are a sort of first level category and the other ones are (by indention)
arranged in a hirarchy to narrow down the field. Select as many of the first level words as
needed, in case of doubt rather use more, separated by slashes e.g:

text book / autogyro / aerodynamic / design

report / aerodynamic-> blade / -> flutter

report / aerodynamic->stability->dynamic->longitudinal; lateral

Note that in the next example several categories are listed, separated by slashes and that multiple
second level categories are separated by semicolon

Thread Title "autogyro / aerodynamic->rotor; stability / design->parts"

The more information your post contains, the more useful it will be so you might want to add some of
the items listed below to the body of the message:

- keywords
- report number
- abstract
- comment
- publisher
- year
- manufacturer

Historical material is currently limited to having been published at least 5 years ago as
more recent items are probably better discussed in the "Kits and Manufacturers", "Builders
Corner" or "Theory of Flight" section. Films/Fotos not showing technical details as well as
books about rotary wing flight history should be posted to the "Rotorcraft History Channel".
Note that there is a "Rules and Regulations" section for papers released by the authorities.

If the publication covers one single aircraft and the title is something like "Flight Stability Of
The KD-1 Autogyro " please add the name of the manufacturer - Kellet in this case - in the
title line or at least in the body of the message


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