How is Jake?


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Oct 25, 2020
orig Northville, Mich
YG4 Air Command Tandem
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800 hrs
Was told at BD on Friday Jake had passed last month. Seemed funny (odd funny, not ha-ha funny) that Friday was the 7th anniversary of my own brother's passing. Things that make ya go, "Hmmm..."

Jake was a straight shooter, never lied to me once.

We helped each other out, back 'n forth over the years since we met at BD '07. Man, what a welder! I'm still flying - at BD '23 - the same YG4 pipes Jake welded up for me for a song back in 2012, still pointing out the artistic workmanship to everyone who'll listen to me yak on-and-on like I always do, and never fail to give credit to the artist. I called him at least once a year to keep in touch since the last previous BD I'd attended '15, and it was always good to hear about his latest exploits.


See ya in the next go-around, brother. Sleep well, I'm lighting a candle for you in case you visit one night, wouldn't want you to have to find your way around in the dark.