Hollmann Sportster HA-2m.. Feasable?


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I have been an aviation enthusiast forever and have built and restored enough to be capable. Now I have the gyroplane bug, I live at a fly in community and there is a MTO plus a Magni that fly nonstop around here. The entry price on either one of those is about 75k up. With a lycoming under my bench, and an empty workshop would it be feasible to build one?. I know they are the earliest of designs. But the literature describes how well they fly. Would it be possible to find a suitable rotor blade? Are the basic design parameters adequate based on what we know today about stability thrust lines etc.? If I thought it would be a good flyer and safe like a magni is I would dedicate a year of full-time to build it as well as I could.
Any and all feedback is welcome. This is my first post but being a beginner I just didn’t have much to contribute but I sure am enthusiastic now to buy a kit, flying plane, or start a project or both. Going to Italy and building a magni is I consider the top-of-the-line.
Rick in Tx
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If it's really want you want Then i'm sure you can find all info and parts to build it.

But there are much better kit's or plan out there then this old model.

I would love to tell you how it flys but I don't know.

Welcome to the forum.

how much do you want to spend and really what are you looking for in a gyroplane?
where are you located?


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Thanks for the reply, I am at hidden Valley airpark in North Texas 5TX0 a beautiful place to live with 3000 feet of asphalt. And I recognize there are some beautiful kits out there that I’ll be very happy with. Initially I was drawn to the open cockpit tandem machines, but the comfort and passenger interaction with a side-by-side adds a lot of enjoyment when I fly. My girlfriend thinks I should buy the nicest Citabria I can find Because that’s what she learned in and mild aerobatics sure are fun. I really consider building and flying two different hobbies.


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Welcome to the Rotary Wing Forum Rick.

Martin Hollmann was an aeronautical engineer.

The Sportster appears to me to be a particularly forgiving design.

The design is simple and is made for people with limited fabrication skills and only the basic tools.

I suspect that Sport Rotors would work fine although the design calls for making your own blades.

I feel a Lycoming is a much better engine choice for a two place gyroplane than a Rotax 912 or a 914. In my opinion you can’t have too much power in a gyroplane.

There is not much fabrication in building a Magni kit gyroplane.

I don’t see anything wrong with a Sportster other than it is not very sexy.

I have not flown a Sportster and have always found them alluring.

I would recommend learning to fly a gyroplane to see if it has appeal to you. In my opinion a gyroplane is not really comparable to any fixed wing aircraft and until you have experienced it the allure is hard to understand.

I am an open tandem enthusiast.

I prefer an American Ranger to a Magni.


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There was a guy here on the forum doing a great job building a Sportster !......................Maybe you could pick up his project ?

Anyone know who I am talking about & his whereabouts ? Maybe we could find his threads & posts & share them with Airfoil ?