Hollmann HA-2M Sportster


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Apr 6, 2010
Bloomington IN
CZAW Light sport, and Cessna C172M, Cessna C140
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Thanks guys... I'm sure you all advised me about this before... I'm gonna stick with the 150 HP O-320. Yes, 1100 is the Max gross weight. At 7.33lb/Hp I might be able to clime out at 800-900 FPM. Those are not rookie numbers!

Wayne, I'm still technically in the IGR. I'm in a new detachment called the Liberty Guard. I only get called out when the Governor declares a state of emergency. I don't drill any more (not required), but I will stay on the muster roll until age 75. I'm currently a 1LT. My rank will remain at 1LT untill I drill again. I can only accrue rank by drill points, and I'm not actively drilling due to my private business work load. I was the Ade-de-camp to the MG up until last year. At some point I'd like to start drilling again. Even if I retire from private business at age 65 I can still drill enough to make LTC before age 75. I'm only age 52 now...