High time Helicycle


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Nov 16, 2003
Paxton, Il
Helicycle N360SF
Total Flight Time
On our Helicycle pilots site, a pilot named David Lyons reported he had 876 hours on his Helicycle. One guy commented that must have been a typo. David responded back that it wasn't, and that he had been averaging 90 hours a month, that is ninety hours a month!! Mark Whistler is right behind him, as well as several Helicycles having accumulating many hundeds of hours on them. These machines are staying very dependable, with not that many having big problems. It sees just little adjustment glitches like what mine needed are what mostly needs to be worked out on each machine. So far mine has given me perfect perforace except for those two flameouts which the cause was figured out. My magnets have come loose on the alternator a couple of times, but now I believe the J.B.Weld and my foam sandwiching will prevent that minor glitch. I have worked on my pre-rotators on my gyros on each one I have ownedn more than I have worked on my whole Helicycle. B.J. Schramm really invented a tractor here. Stan
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