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I was just thinking about the old days and I remembered two visitors to my service station in the mid 1970's, Flora Purim and Airto Moreira. I knew who they were. I believe it was Flora's lilting voice that was heard over the sunrise Huey liftoff just before the infamous helicopter assault scene. "My boys love it, scares the hell out of the slopes". I believe Roger Ebert called the scene the "most intense 12 minutes in moviemaking" or something like that.

I thought you might be impressed.

I had another brush with celebrity at the Cessna dealership I worked at in the late 1970's.

A cessna 210 taxiied up to our hangar, a southern gentleman stepped out and asked if I could fix his CHT gauge. He wanted to leave the airplane for a few days. I filled out a work order for him.
An hour later the secretary arrived and filed my work order. She came running out to the hangar and asked if this "Was a joke" I was stunned. I assured her no, it wasn't a joke. She went red faced. I did not know who "Mickey Gilley" was.
She was gobsmacked. She could not wait for his return. I later saw him in a Travolta movie. I know very little about country music.

Jenna Yeager came in to rent a plane one day... her I knew. We chatted about gyros and Martin Hollman. Marty introduced her to Dick Rutan IIRC.

When I worked at the jet center we had a bunch of celbs come in ...... the best looking was Shania Twain.

At Sun Aero, the helo service, we had Bill Gates and Warren Buffett fly a few mile shuttle, three states away. A representative of their's came out to inspect the aircraft in advance. And then there's the NASCAR trips.
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Sometimes we have do adjust our Life Glasses and look around, we have been pretty priviledged and surrounded by greatness.
God bless Tom
Hey Tom

I don't know what prompted you to write those recollections but I enjoy hearing about them.

Last time I saw your picture there were three celebrities:

*Tom Milton
*Stan Foster
*Helicycle Helicopter

Those 3 things in one picture equals 3000 words .

Saves a lot of typing . Love that picture. Thanks.

If you don't understand what I am trying to say ..... Heron will explain it for you :)

Hey Tommy I remember when Mickey Gilley came in . I wanted his signature and Wade was going to let me have the work order copy . But when Wade found it , no one ever had Mickey sign it . So then we got a lecture by Wade on always having the customer sign the work order before we do any work .
Good times
And as I recall Mickey taxied into the hanger and got out of his plane and announced Hi !
I'm Mickey Gilley ! And Tommy says Hi ! I'm Tom Milton ! don't taxiey into the hanger like that . Tommy had not a clue who this guy was . And I think I just got in trouble by Wade for taxiing into the hanger . Only I was probably red lining the air speed indicator when I was doing it .


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Just to throw down here my two cents, I recently worked with a friend who is a pilot and cohort, for the past three years. He transferred to another division but before he left he was cleaning out his van, ya know ya got stuff you hadnt see for a while. Anyhow, while he worked and I talked he can across a pack of pictures and ask himself "what are these" as he started going through them he recalled his brothers wedding pic. He stopped after a few and asked me "can you keep a secret". SURE THING MAN, he handed me the pack and ask if I had seen the bride before. "HELL YEEAAAA I know who that is. He grabed the pics and said "she my sister-in law and you keep your mouth shut".

Proof was in the pic's he stood right there in the party with the bride and groom.
Who is she? I promised I would'nt tell.
Grease is the word.


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Amir Klink, the man who rowed a boat across the South Atlantic, coming from Africa; told on his book "one hundred days of solitude" that when he was almost giving up for the problems on the other side of the pond, he went in to a bar and saw a picture on the wall: it was his first canoe, tied in the back of his house in Brasil . . . .then he said, Strange forces took over the journey and he made it all the way without incidents.