HERC JOV-3 & McCulloch MC-4

Great pics, Bryan - thanks
Thank you too for those photographs Bryan.

The CH-46 and the CH-47s are very versatile aircraft. I have never flown either one, however I have flown in the CH-47 many times and in a CH-46 once when in USMC service. Several members of the Quad-A chapter I belong to were CH-47 drivers.

The California Army National Guard 1st General Support Aviation Battalion, 126th Aviation Regiment received their CH-47Fs brand new off of the assembly line around the end of 2014 if I recall correctly. They picked up the Foxtrots at Fort Hunter in Savannah, GA and flew XC 2,200 nautical miles back to Stockton, CA. That would have been a fun flight for sure.

Back in 2021, a Cal Guard CH-47 picked up stranded hikers off the summit of Mt. Whitney, CA

My hat is off to all CH-47 drivers, past, present and future!


The JOV-3 certainly would be a fun helo to own. 4130 tubing and fabric covering certianly was a light airframe.

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Development began in 1946 with the Helicopter Engineering and Research Corporation (HERC) in Philadelphia, headed by D.K. Jovanovich and F. Kozloski, where a small 2-seat prototype (N9000H) was built with the designation JOV-3. This aircraft, powered by a 125hp Lycoming O-290, was flown successfully in 1948.

Then there's the McCulloch MC-4 / YH-30. Heaver and a little bit more expensive to operate than the JOV-3


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Awesome photographs! Thanks for posting them.