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Jan 1, 2007
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Well Vance has gotten his repair done and that should make it possible to complete his journey.
What I don't understand is why people think they could judge someones personal situation as bleak because of a physical disability.
If Vance passes his test, than the people with authority who are the ones capable of judging his proficiencies are the ones that passed him; and he should be proud of his advancements.
If Vance fails, then he should still be proud because he did not let his disabilities hinder his esteem.
Too many people use their disability to avoid achievement and there are those that seems to use there disability as a strength to acheave there goal.
We should support anyone that's an underdog but it harder to pick people up than letting them stay down.
A persons life's worth is what they have done not what they wished they have done.
So, when you know some one has a disability doesn't it make more sense to lend a hand with moral support?
But then again there are those that make fun of people with Autism, physical deformations and pull the wings off of flys.
You are a despicable form of life that needs retrained and to know what humility really is.


Your name depicts a beautiful little Humming Bird but I perceive you as a Buzzard only because of your opinions.
You seem like a very educated man with the intent of meticulous perfection in what ever you do.
Your social skills SUCK and your compassion for other HUMANS SUCK.
You make me look like Sister Theresa and I'm a full blown ass hole.
I am not a psychologist but could still tell you that you are a person that is full of Jealous Contempt.
Why not show your real Name? Are you a real life 007 ?
And the" look at me identity crisis " you conceive Vance has, also shows in your green writings as an identity issue that you have.
So, go spend some time throwing rocks at your own green house and see what type of integrity you really have.


I am not going to wish you luck, because I feel you can do this with out the help of superstitions.
It may be a hard road, but you've been there before and will finish the coarse as either a winner or a loser.
At least you have taken on the task to give it your best no matter the outcome.
The thought that people think you have to be right and it has to be your way or they no longer count.
I my opinion this is not true true, I have had conversations with you that the debate never led to ill emotions of authority.
Your uniqueness makes you the Vance that got where you are today.

After all is said, I would like everyone of us to remember that every one has a story and it's our responsibility to aid those in need of emotional and physical distress.


If you see me in physical or emotional distress, a beer and a joint should do the trick !! :) I didn't say OR I said AND.


Mar 20, 2011
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Thanks for the post, Jake. I agree wholeheartedly.

Positive reinforcement goes a long way. If a person with disabilities can do something as well as, or better than those without, then that really speaks a lot for that person. In the healthcare field, I work with many that are disabled and it sometimes amazes me what a "disabled" person can do.

There is no guarantee that the person with perfect health will not be the one to get a stroke or a heart attack when flying. It has happened before.

In my own gyro club at Anahuac, what makes us unique as a fantastic club is that we all help each other along, no matter if some of us fare poorly at some of the things we do. But supporting one another and helping one another to achieve our goals is what we do best!


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Oct 30, 2003
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I am proud to know you Jake and consider you a friend and mentor.

You have lived life and faced death on a level most people can’t imagine.

I feel your life’s experiences have made you a better, stronger more compassionate person.

I have never thought of you as any sort of ass hole.

Thank you for starting a new thread.

There will always be people who imagine that to elevate their status they need to denigrate others.

There will always be people who see my lack of an authoritarian approach to things as a sign of weakness or ignorance and an opening for an attack.

I am amazed at how many of my posts he has read and managed to misconstrue.

He appears to me to be so proud of himself for the most peculiar things.

I suspect we are not motivated by the same things.

I hope someday he will mature and add something positive to the Rotary Wing Forum.

This behavior seems to entertain people because the thread about a simple repair attracted over 2,700 hits although it did have a catchy title.


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Apr 21, 2008
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I was 12 or 13 when I realized that this planet could be Heaven on Earth!
So why isn't it?

Oh... because we each individually do not make it that way.

They are just opinions worth exactly what we are paying for them which should mean giving the benefit of doubt as to motive of safety to the public or denigrating the handicapped out of meanness.
Which also means you can point out people picking on other people too, their opinion!!!

Most of the posts I've read of his are safety related and I believes he CARES!

I do not agree with his evaluation of risk in this case but he makes good points. I'm not a doctor... However I am a gambler and know probability and odds and I'll bet that Vance has about the same risk of health related issues as any other CFI his age as he has migrated all of his disabilities.

All I know for sure... If I can help just let me know!!
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Jul 2, 2007
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Your a good man for a sand digger Jake, but then again my first wife was from Beirut. Good post in support for a good person That Vance guy is another OK sort of chap. Persistent as hell and gets there by effort application and good old passion for what has attracted him.

Hope you guys manage to sort out a good ‘Harley’ exhibition machine, I would imagine that would be a seriously good promotional vehicle for Vance’s business. I have found that an awful lot of gyro people are either ‘bikers’ or biker’s at heart. After all the little singles are nothing but aerial dirt bikes good for nothing else but tearing up a bit of sky round a pasture down the river course or out and around the canyons.

Its the closest thing to a magic carpet out there and as most of us on the Forum know an addictive sport that attracts all sorts. Nice if we all were just a big happy family, but then when did that ever exists outside fiction TV or the silver screen. In the meantime this Forum is still a great place to hang out, swap experiences and get good knowledge from some nice people, even if from time to time things do get a little bit stirred up.