HELP w/ McCutchen Skywheels rotorblade tuning


Staff member
Nov 16, 2003
AZ @ 4,500'
I've been asked by a helicopter pilot who also flys gyroplanes (and who isn't a member of the RWF) for info relating to the tuning of Skywheels WRT balancing them (chordwise, lengthwise, etc.).

He owns several sets he has picked up used but doesn't have any of the manufacturer documents re: how to do those actions. Who can HELP?

I don't have any reference material, such as how many flats of the hub bar adjustment bolts need to be turned to change the blade's angle, etc. I imagine it is identical to Sport Copter's method, since the hub bars of both makes look very similar in adjustment functions.

My only experience w/ Skywheels only involved placing each rotorblade into the hub bar sockets & bolting them in. Then went flying! They were baby-butt smooth! (25' diameter ones). Also had nice float to set down gently.