Help needed to merge our "Technical Books, Papers & Publications" section into the PRA data base


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Aug 2, 2009
Dear all,

John (All_In) has had the great idea to merge our "Technical Books, Papers & Publications" (TBP&P) section into the PRA data base. This will have loads of advantages, some of which are obvious: the data will remain accessible independent of the future of this forum (and yes, I of course hope it will last a long time still) and they are available to a much broader audience. What will be equally important in the future is, that the PRA data base allows to organize the entries much better than we could in the TBP&P section allowing e.g. to categorize the entries and assign a subject to them and later on add tags for maximum ease of finding entries.

Here is where I would like to ask you to lend a hand. To allow the transition, all the currently 300+ entries in TBP&P must be categorized and have a subject and tags added, a task for which I am not very well suited since

a) I am not a native speaker
b) I am not a pilot
c) I only have a rather limited field of knowledge
d) I only have two hands (and one single brain...;-), so your help will greatly speed up the process

From what I have heard so far it might be useful to have a category (like e.g: basic piloting, static aircraft stability, rotor design), a subject for the entry (e.g. rotor performance measurement, undercarriage streamlining, induced velocity calculation). I currently think of the subject as being the shortest possible abstract of the contents of the entry, whereas the category is some higher level bucket the entry fits into.

Many of you have probably read entries in the TBP&P section and I would like to ask you to be so kind as to post a response to those entries and propose at least a) one category under which the entry should, in your opinion, be stored, b) one subject and c) as many useful tags as you can think of for each entry. Subjects are already part of the PRA data base, so we definitely need these. The categories may not be the ones currently existing in the PRA data base (or not exist at all), so we may have to introduce/change these, but from what I have understood so far we will also be able to define categories of our own and in any case all the tags will be helpful to improve the quality of our entries in the PRA data base. So please over the next couple of days/weeks go to your favourite TBP&P entries our just peruse the section and pick an entry and then, as I said above, post a reply containing all categories you deem suitable for that entry, a subject and as many useful tags as you can think of. Once I understand the PRA data base a bit better I may come back asking for additional items to be added.

Thank you for your support!


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Apr 21, 2008
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