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I was wondering if anyone can share any experience with fitting either a Bose of Lightspeed headset under a helmet like the Comtronics or Microavionics helmets? Are there other helmet choices to slip over one of these headsets? I'm looking for something removable and not a one piece design. I've also looked into the Microavionics combo version but someone said their headsets have a tight clamping force that can be uncomfortable so I'm just trying to use what I have and find something I can slip over if possible. Has anyone found a motorcycle helmet and adapted it? FWIW, I'm using the MGL v16 radio.
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I can’t speak directly to its use over the Bose or Lightspeeds but my Comtronics Pro Com fits pretty well over both my David Clark and a Headsets Inc 6001 (I picked up the 6001 used on eBay for about $160, I think). Both of those headsets work well in my Magni with a Trig radio. I retrofitted my David Clark, a 25-year-old H10-40, I think, with the Headsets Inc ANR kit about 10 years ago and that works surprisingly well in the gyro. I picked up some rechargeable 9v batteries to keep the operating costs down.

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Thanks Ed, using the Pro Com may be the way to go. I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has any reviews of the Microavionics headset/helmet combination with ANR that they would be willing to share?


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I have a Pro-Com and have worn it over Bose and a couple of other brands of headsets. No issues at all.

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Spank, I want to point out something. Just in case you are wanting to know the best helmet for open cockpit loud aircraft, you would not ask it in that way. What I mean is that in my experience a helmet that goes over a headset does not provide the best clearest communication. I have worn a helmet over headset, several Comtronics headsets and now wear the best one I have ever used the Flycom. There may be reasons why you asked your question the way you did, but I wanted to throw in an alternative.
Thanks Joe, we have a convertable AR-1 on order and in the winter we plan to fly with just headsets then when spring comes and we remove the canopy I will have the clearance for the helmet. I currently own 2 lightspeeds and with my son headed to the regionals down the road I thought of buying a Bose and getting back my other lightspeed from him.


I thought I would post that I ended up purchasing a set of Microavionics ANR Headsets and helmets that fit over them. Once I fly with them I'll try to remember and follow up with my impressions. I can say right off the bat that the headsets don't look to be built with the same quality as a Lightspeed, etc. (and they are no where near as expensive either) but the helmet fits my head shape much better than all the Flycoms I have tried on in the past which was a major reason to buy these. In addition, the US rep Tony Castillo who sells these was great to deal with and they arrived super fast.