Hello Everyone

I know some of you may have been trying contact us for sometime now
I apologize for not doing this, sooner, many web pages are carrying incorrect
contact information.

In the Kansas City area, back in the eighties we combined chapter 61- 67 into
one group. We were operating out of liberty landing for several years when
owner Asked us leave and the dawn patrol took over the skies of the river valley
Shortly, many public use airports began to close such Independence, Lexington
We started find resistance at some of the well known airports, asking us to carry
Enormous amounts insurance. So, many of our friends, just slowly lost interest. Coupled
With the closing of the Air Command factory made it harder to attract new members
So we need fresh start , If you know what I mean.

Please feel free to contact me, I am here to help! If any of you know of Gyro friendly
Airport in the area please post them here. I will post projects and parts I have for sale
I would like to see them stay in the area maybe someday to have some nearby friends
to fly with.

Craig Tompkins
[email protected]