Hello RWF People What Other Hobbies do you Have.

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Gyro28866;n1134387 said:
I am liking the way you think.
Napoleon used urine from the soldiers and animals and used it as a source of nitrate. The urine was collected, converted from calcium nitrate to potassium nitrate (saltpeter), and combined with charcoal and sulfur to field armies
Urine has its uses; Mexican leather goods used to be called “piss cured leather” and probably still is. Anyone who has smelled Mexican cowboy boots understands why.

During the Vietnam war, aircrews were told that if shot down over North Vietnam and injured, to urinate on wounds; healthy urine having antiseptic properties.
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Hope this works I put lot's of work in this post.

This is just a little part of what I do from week to week.
This week end I'm going to a car exp with my mint 1988 Ford Escort GT
Yes I did say Mint not 100% mint but very close to it. and all original too.
This is the Gray One the the Black one I road race.

I got a few race dirt cars and a few paivement race cars too.







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FRANK'S;n1134404 said:
Is that really you WaspAir?
Yes, All In is right, it's me getting high again. I do ice climbing up frozen waterfalls in the winter and mountaineering in the summers, and I've been up big mountains in Ecuador, Argentina, Tanzania, Italy, France, Switzerland, and all over the U.S. I had big plans to go to Nepal and summit Ama Dablam in the Everest region this fall (picture attached). The plans were made long ago when I was fully healthy, before I got flattened by a drunk driver while on my bicycle a couple months ago, so now I'm working really hard on physical therapy in the hope of getting somewhere near good enough condition again in time to complete the trip. This recovery business seems every bit as hard as the toughest climbs I've done.



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Today I was at a Car show with my almost Mint 1988 Ford Escort GT ( My Baby )
it was a fun day in the Sun saw many nice car's some very nice car's
But I'm The OddBall type and Like most different car like a AMC Pacer or a Mercury Bobcat
Chevy Iroc-Z Nova Ventura and a few others
Was 258 Car exposed and I won for best untouch original car. I won a nice T-shirt lol