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Oct 30, 2003
Reading, PA
Air Command 503 & Air Command SxS /EJ2.5
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Aprox 400 gyro
Hey you guys...I know who Zappa is, I was kidding ! But to be honest, I don't even have any of his stuff, & it's not like he gets any radio time.

If I was to go out & buy one of his CDs , which one should I get ?

About the paint.....I believe the codes inspecter got sick of me calling about the trash pit in the back yard of the vacant house next to me.

So the prick says to me(pointing to my house) "is that your house" I said yep. He says" looks like you could use some paint" So the next day he sticks a pink violation slip on my door.

So I called him and we talked about painting in the winter(you know what I mean).

Anyway I get a certified letter & like a dummy ,I pick it up(first mistake).

I believe that most people just ignore them & the problem dissappears! After a while they might put out a warrant for you & hope that you get picked up for something.

Not a real good system when we are talking about trash & garbage(health issues)

Oh but a white boy with peeling paint that pays his taxes & owns his house.....we can get him.....heck, I bet he'll even pick up his certified mail !

So I went to the DJ office ,paid my $50, & got a court date. What a bunch of MORONs....No offence to the Wauchula gang!

It'll all work out......Besides, I only want to paint my porch & window trim. The brick I want to strip back to natural. Alot of homes have done this & it looks great.