Happy B-Day JR.


Gyro Rehab Candidate
Happy B-Day Jr. I think you should take the day off and go flyin!!
Soon to come are the AARP news letters, shoulder and neck pains, and all the other good things that come with age.

Just remember, gettin old ain't for SISSIES.

Good luck to you and all you do HAPPY BIRTHDAY----:drum:



Hey, JR, did you get a new four-wheeler for your birthday?!

Happy Birthday buddy, and hope you have many, many more!



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Happy birth day J.R, 49 is not to bad but it all starts to go down hill after 50. I have been going down hill for 22 years now.


J.R. Brown
Thanks guys, puttin off the party til Friday at 3, wont stop til next Sunday at sundown


J.R. Brown
Ya know if all you guys wanted to, you could pool your money and get one hell of nice pole dancin thing goin on during BD for my birthday and I'd invite ya all! I got the beer!

Lee Scatt

Crash-test pilot
Hey JR, Happy B day. I just patented my new dancin fishin pole. If those guy's donate that pool money to me to help cover my legal and illegal expenses, I'll bring the prototype to B-days, and we'll sit around, drink your beer and watch the pole dance!