Hangar clearance sale, not quitting, just need room and more time


FAA DAR Gyropilot
Mar 18, 2004
Lansing, Illinois (Chicago South Suburb)
(1) Air Command, (1) Barnett, (1) Air Command 2 place kit, (1) Sycamore gyro
Total Flight Time
An RAF GTXSE 2.2 EFI SUBE, half assembled, brand new kit. Rolling airframe with engine mounted. Needs rotors. Asking $10,000 for the complete unfinished kit

Another gyro project, the infamous twin engined (Rotax 503) Parsons 2 place style with dual tall tails and a large horizontal stabilizer. Former PRA Air Boss Ron Meyer built and flew this gyro at Mentone in the 90's. I have gone through the entire gyro, installed a Stratus dual carb EA81, 4 blade Warp Drive prop and ran the engine. To finish, it needs an electrical system, instruments and hook-up, blades and rotor head, finish controls for rotor and engine. The gyro has a nose pod with instrument panel, front seat, rear CalumetAir seat tank both with matching pads (front) and cover (rear) Black airframe and orange pod and tails. I have too many projects. open to suggestions $4K? I have that much in the engine and prop. Also has new tires, and Hagar brake system. The gyro has current registration and Airworthiness (original) available, just needs log entries and an Annual Condition Inspection to legally fly after completion. Project can also be built from parts by new owner and registered in their name as an EAB.

I still have an extensive ROTAX 2 stroke collection. lots of New and used parts and Rotax service center 2 cycle tools. (3) 532 low time engines (disassembled) included, all with Rotax gear redrives (2.58:1) will probably not part out, one low price of $4,000. Buy the 3 engines for wholesale and get a dealerships worth of tools and parts.
We used to be a Rotax service center when I owned SnoBird.

I also have quite a bit of new and used Air Command parts. At least 1 single seat original commander airframe, with two place side x side (used) AND new tandem conversion kit (will need a couple of tubes. This is a 30 year collection of Air command parts. If interested, lets talk

I have a like new RAF enclosed trailer (with electric winch, and blade shelf) I need $4500 for the trailer ALL ARE IN NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS, KIGQ airport (just south of Chicago) could deliver the RAF or combo.

Tommy Milton, CalumetAir Inc. 708-895-0398 Calumetair.com [email protected] [email protected]