Gyro's with Turbo Weber MPE instaled


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Well I would like to get feed back from the guy's who installed
The Weber 750 Turbo in there Gyro's.

would you recommend it to your best friend?

Is it worth the price and the work?

Is it very good on fuel.

Is the power real good ?

What PRSU or best drive are you using?

Would you do it a 2nd or 3rd time.

I'm preparing for a build and trying to find the best info for this setup.
I have 3 choose in engines but my favorite is the Weber 750 MPE since it's easy to find here in canada. { so is the Yamaha }

Thanks for helping me. build a small flying hotrod.


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I saw a few post with guys with different gear reduction on them and so on.

But you might be right.


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Ok if no one has them on a Gyro's anyone got them on a fixed wind plane.
I just need info on engine if it's a good setup and worth the work.

In the snowmobiles they are great units with great performance and great economy.