GYRO's in the USA, EAB or something else?

those are the kind of stories that seem like a fun adventure to me. I've watched a few on youtube. Abid's flight to IN and back, a guy in his Kallethia from LA to KOSH...maybe your friend. I've flown something like 17 different types and I have always said the most fun I had in all of it was trying to master conventional gear in a 7AC Champ with 65HP and no electrical system. It wasn't about the conventional gear, but all about flying low, slow, and simple with the window open...smelling the woods below, the plowed fields, etc....
@Abid, thanks for your offer!
I remember seeing the Recon at Sun n Fun this year. I didn't put two and two together that it was the same company as the AR-1 which I was already familiar with. I was on a mission to get someplace with my son, but it did catch my eye and I stopped for a look. only took a single lap around it though...I liked what I saw but my impression at that point was that it was close to what I would like but maybe a little small and I figured that the wing loading would almost certainly be low. Looked to be more of a stol machine than a cruiser. Oh, and also the fabric covering....I've always (but maybe wrongfully) thought that those would be less than ideal for long term outdoor tie down. Hangars around here are pretty much built out of unobtanium. I'll definitely give it another look though!! What is it's wing loading for the recon?

That hangar thing is another pro for the least based on my hope and assumption. Seems like I might be a little bit more likely to find someone willing to share a hangar since the fuselage is so small... seems like it could squeeze in beside quite a lot of things.

and yeah @WaspAir...I'll admit to having that thought pass through my mind. The 150/152 series is quite light for wing loading though. Still something like that could check a lot of boxes for me. Biggest drawback though is that I'm daydreaming about retiring in a year or two and taking on a build project.....well, that and the fact that I would be able to do nothing to it in the future unless I magically find a way to get an A&P cert.

There was an AR-1 right next to the Recon unless you came on that one day it was going to rain and did when I flew AR-1 back for the day and flew it back in the next morning.
Recon has a 46 inch max width cockpit so I am not sure how it is any smaller than a Cessna. Yes the one you saw had 22 inch tires made for grass strips but the standard trigear version has much smaller tires with wheelpants so it will cruise faster. As fast as a 150 anyway easily and it handles turbulence better than airplanes with metal or composite wings. the fabric gives and you don't get jarred so badly. 150 and 152 are good trainers but they handle like a mac truck. Almost all Cessnas do to me but if that is what you are used to, it would not be a negative.
I understand about the hanger and yes gyroplane will be able to share a hanger easily. Many airports have corner hangers that are half the size. Recon folds wings in about 12 minutes and can be put away in those. Not many people take those hangers.