Gyroplane Designated Pilot Examiners


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That's great information for folks to know and asked all the time!
Thank you for posting that John


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I presume it refers to the level of privileges for which they are authorized to conduct examinations, such as Sport Pilot, Sport Flight Instructor, Private, Commercial, Flight Instructor.


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That's it? 6 people for the entire US? Or am I missing something
It only takes one to administer the practical test for your certificate.

They aren't very busy because there are not that many people who want a rotorcraft, gyroplane certificate.


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Would someone provide a quick translation of:

An SPE/SFIE may perform testing only in aircraft that meet the definition of light-sport aircraft and may issue a sport pilot certificate or flight instructor certificate with a sport pilot rating.

A PE conducts private and recreational pilot certification tests and additional aircraft rating tests as specifically authorized.

A CE conducts commercial pilot certification tests in rotorcraft, gliders, lighter-than-air aircraft, and additional ratings as specifically authorized.

An FIE, as authorized by the managing FAA office, conducts practical tests for the original issuance, renewal, and reinstatement of flight instructor certificates and ratings. An FIE is authorized to issue flight instructor renewals or reinstatements on the basis of practical tests only.