Gyroperfo 914 upgrade


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Oct 24, 2012
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Yes but if you boost beyond the engine limits you are placing a huge stress on the crank, the gearbox components and other ...the devise fits in line with the air box scensor, it fools the OEM Turbo Control Unit and in effect let's one boost higher than normal in a certain altitude (DA) conditions, it also lets one boost longer than the max of 5 minutes as recommended by Rotax
This means that If you are not paying attention you risk overboost, I have not over boosted a Rotax (yet) but I do dabble with high HP V8 engines and let me just say if anyone has seen a engine that has been overboosted you will understand the damage, .....I'm talking about conrods through the side of the block type of damage.

I say again if Rotax themselves thought it safe to boost higher (keeping the gate more closed) and for longer I'm sure they would have developed this devise?
Myself I would not be happy using this devise, the 914 works hard overboosting it is not wise.
Yes you are correct , spin the turbo faster ,more boost , turbo work harder create more heat

higher intake air temp.. no intercooler blow to carb , if you are in a hot climat at high ambient temperature

tcu fooled lowering the oem rotax safety margin risk Détonation cranckshaft shifted piston melting

this is for this reason that Edge performance weld his crankshaft for higher than stock rotax manifold pressure , with other small trick and better EFI mapping fuel control

i think this small dongle is just a simple voltage clamp to rescale the 0 to 5 volts map sensor to trick the TCU to think it is at a lower map to overboost and open the stepper motor for the wastegate later