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Yes, it was, Jurgen, but this glider never flew. Stephan told once that he has not enough knowledge to make viable rotor. Anyway it was an interesting attempt and idea.


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I'm a moderator at gyro chapter of that Russian forum (I'm AcroBatMan there :).
There is no difference in acceptance of foreigners or locals there. The problem is only that most guys there aren't real practics in gyros which leads to non-pleasant atmosphere there in many threads since guys has definite lack of knowledge but try to compensate this by agressive manner of writing. Common culture level of forum members there is one more problem. I'm sorry for this but it is what it is. Don't pay much attention to their manners. is absolutely different - I love this place for it's friendly atmosphere and many experienced people. I can state that most of what I knew about gyros - I knew from this forum and from its predecessor (former Norm's forum).
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Thanks for your opinion, Alex. I'll go on writing there for some time to come since I love Russian and would like to improve. I am also quite impressed with some of the designs in Russia (I have posted links in this forum whenever I have come accross something). Perhaps the climate will improve some day.
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You always welcome :) Hopefully we get better climate there when we have more guys really building and flying.
Fortunately we finally have Russian airspace free for private flying from November, 1st so I expect this attracts much more people to our sport.