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Jul 2, 2007
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Hi Mark, yes at the moment Denis is flat out with work. He is a top guy and when he has more time will do everything to help.

23’s are the shortest blades Denis presently makes, and the Hornet we had, which was too heavy for ultralight, had a 503 and flew very well on 23’ Dragon Wings.
( Denis might conceivably be able to do a shorter than 23’ as a special order. Longer than 23’ is constrained by oven length)

I seem to remember our empty weight as being around 330 or 340lbs and I was 190lbs.

Disc loadings that are too light are not a good idea. if you manage the 254lbs and you are only 160lbs you will need to watch that. Do some research on why its not a good idea, one hint, rotor speed decay.

I believe that SportCopter and Skywheels are both heavier than Dragon Wings or Razor Blades. The Dragon Wings were light probably the lightest available, and can not (normally) be hand patted. I know of one set that was, but it took many many tries.

The Razor Blades as next lightest and will probably be OK to pat up, though as yet nobody has tried that. As an ultralight it is doubtful you will be getting a prerotator simply due to the weight issue.

Hand patting is pretty straightforward, I learned on a Bensen without a pre-rotator and it really helped me learn rotor management.

Hope this helps and good luck with your project sounds fun. I learned a lot from our Hornet build which I did with my son.
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May 14, 2019
I'm familiar with rpm decay, that's why I'm slightly anxious to get it right...

Assuming the manual is accurate, I should have plenty of weight for a prerotator of some sort, even if it's not a wunderlich. So if they don't hand start well that's not a big deal.