Gyro-Tec carbon Blades 100 Hrs Follow Up.


Tapes do degrade performance 1\3% we have found even the nickle sacrificial strips on the helicopter blades if the trailing edge is not fared it makes a difference
3m make blade tape in different thicknesses it has a SHELF LIFE beware
There is a Robinson tape that is supposed to withstand Rain etc. dont know anything about it who makes it ? rain will beat tapes to death
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Brian Jackson has more info on "Gyro-Tech dealer and modified blades" its a post that he started.


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I have replaced my Gen1 blades om my MTO Sport with Gyrotech blades, hub bar and head. Done about 15 hrs on them. My experience to now is as follows. Heavier to handle on the ground. No difference in flight. Climbs a lot better. Landings are easier because they hold their energy longer. Takeoff roll seems a little longer when two up. Able to do same air speed. More stable in thermic and windy conditions.

Have some stick shake issues but I am confident we will sort them out. Changing rod end bearings on the control arms and then will start making adjustments.


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Replaced my rod end bearings and did some more
​​​cordwise adjustment.

Have just abourt zero stick shake. Now feeling a little bit of cabin hop in my back side. As it gets better i am more an more impressed with the blades. Find myself getting very close to VNE whilst flying in smooth air. Will check the tracking again later this month and maybe add a shim if i see something.

Off to Thailand will be back on the 19th