Gyro Revolution - New USA Dealership

Mar 2, 2018
Long Island, NY
Hey everyone, this is Robert Lutz & Kristen Steinhardt – the founders of Gyro Revolution! We are a new gyroplane dealership, training and service center. After falling in love with gyroplanes we traveled around the world to research and select the best gyroplanes to bring to the US market.

We currently offer gyroplanes from two manufacturers. The gorgeous Kallithea manufactured by Niki Rotor in Bulgaria and the sporty J-Ro manufactured by DTA in France. Both gyroplanes are similar in their beautiful aesthetics and impressive capabilities. We chose NIKI Rotor and DTA because of their professionalism in engineering, design, communications, consistency and stability.

The Kallithea is an elegant gyroplane with a spacious carbon-fiber cockpit and marvelous view. We equipped our flagship model with the new Rotax 915iS fuel-injected turbo charged engine. We also worked with the manufacturer to install a Garmin G3X flight deck where your weather, airspace, terrain traffic and navigation are all accessible in one system. These gyroplanes start at 95K and go up depending on what engine, avionics and custom options you desire.

The DTA J-Ro that we import is one of the first modern gyroplanes we ever discovered and made us fall in love with flying all over again. This model offers consistent quality, functional design and superb handling qualities. It’s powered by either the Rotax 912 or turbo charged 914 with strong pre-rotation capabilities. As for avionics the dual Kanardia EMSIS and an iPad dock is a configuration that mixes modern technology with affordability.

To compare and contrast our models you can visit our website at

We offer training packages for aspiring gyroplane pilots and pilots who desire to transition from airplane or helicopter. All frequently asked training questions can be found on our website as well.

Discovery flights are available for those who would like to experience gyroplane flight or our models for the first time. These flights start at only $100.

Our flight center is located at a private facility at the Long Island MacArthur Airport. Please email us at [email protected] to schedule a tour, a discovery flight or if you’d like to meet with us. Our office number is 917. 275.7198 if you have any questions please give us a call. We may be out flying but will return your call as soon as possible.

Also, if you haven’t found us on Instagram and Facebook yet we are @GyroRevolution or search Gyro Revolution on Youtube! We frequently post updates throughout the week.

We are so excited to begin operations here in New York. We look forward to expanding the community of gyroplane pilots, provide safe educational training and most of all enjoy the freedom of flying together. Safe flying!



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