GT-VX1 and now the GT-VX2 Explorer.

Loren Jones

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Aug 3, 2022
PA-28-180; Shopping for training gyroplane. Building a Gyro Technic GT-VX2 with 912is
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10,600+ (and still counting.)
Happy coming Birthday Loren.

Yup, you are indeed way ahead, you will beat me by 10 years, getting one of these beauties airborne.

It was a wait, but no less the immense pleasure that it has been to have been involved in this superb flying creation by Denis and Gyro Technic.

Flown a number of single seat gyros, Bensen, Cricket, Merlin, Hornet, Layzell AV18,GT-VX1, and the GT-VX2.

The last 2 types have been the most stable and responsive and fun to fly...though I will say I loved flying our Hornet. The VX2 has the higher rate of climb, possibly shorter take off run, greater range/endurance than the VX1...yours being the 912IS, even more so than these last two.

The VX1 I think the more agile due it's lighter weight/less inertia. This very subjective, Denis who is now actively flying both types will be better placed to comment as we work through our phase 1.

The VX2 Explorer is a serious single seat longer range single seat gyro, that is looking at cross country capability with the ability to carry some camping equipment/baggage, and to take off and land from dirt field/grass runways.

Tow it on a minimals trailer behind a camper van or main trailer, then take off from that section of boondocks road and expand your horizons exponentially on your exploration. of that wonderful Continent you live on.
Thanks, Leigh. It has definitely been a fun experience and the closer we get the more anxious I am to fly it. I just watched the video of your and Denis' river run again this afternoon...for the umpteenth time. I'm hoping the three of us can do a repeat (although the river is high again, so may require an alternate route!)

Good news today....Denis' forwarded screen shots of the instrument layouts the folks at Kanardia have been working on for us. Sounds like they'll be shipping shortly. Once they arrive we can get the electrics finished up and schedule our airworthiness inspection. In the meantime, I'm hoping to get some time in the VX1 to get used to it. Once I get to the fly off I plan on putting 2-4 hours on it every free day I have in order to get the hours flown off it.

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